Webinar Marketing

We at webinarupdate.com understand how important it is to acquire, communicate and connect with your audience. While you may have a lot of social platforms to do the needful, in all probability you would end up spending money on a target audience which may be way wider and not directly interested in webinars. We at webinarupdate.com provide you with specific audience that love to watch webinars. It will help you get audience that matter and will add value. Adding webinars is completely free on our site but if you wish to maximize your reach we have marketing options below.

Below are the formats of promotions currently available.

Type Description Example
Featured webinars on home page The best visibility on the site, you are sure to get the eye of all our viewers. 6 slots only with maximum 25000 views.
Featured webinars on category page Be on top of your category reach out to specific audience. 6 slots available with maximum 25000 views
Certified badge Get your webinar highlighted with a certified badge, the badge remains active till your webinar goes live, cost $29
Video recordings Many prospects are unable to catch the live event on your timings, give them an option to see it later. Upload the recordings or link with our site and we will keep it alive for up to 180 Days

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