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Accounts payable that can ignite a digital transformation Innovation | Technology| Digital media

13th October 2020 19:00 hrs



Digital came upon us fast during recent events in order for businesses to preserve operational effectiveness, financial liquidity, and supply chain resiliency. Now a new level of competition is emerging that has AP at the digital front. But, not all your suppliers are digital and the tools you’ve adopted have made incremental changes at best. Discusson the roadmap to a future-ready, touchless accounts payable organization that builds on: Emerging digital trends that delivered sustainability, connectivity, and agility AP’s role to lead the charge for digital, automation, and transformation Seller value for accelerated digital adoption and engagement A digital foundation for AI and automation that transforms Strategies for all levels of digital maturity, and the possibility for an end-to-end outsourced solution.

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Tradeshift has grown to over 800 people with offices in 13 countries, but our focus hasn’t wavered. We believe that nothing connects a fragmented world like commerce. We digitize and connect everything that happens between a buyer and a seller, anywhere in the world.


Mr. Nic Walden Senior Advisor and Procurement and Purchase-to-Pay Programme Leader, The Hackett Group

Mr. Peter Hamilton Global Finance & Administration (HRO) offering leader for BPS