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Shape your future: unlocking the secrets to an innovative mind with george hemingway Education | Career | Training

26th August 2020 16:30 hrs



Head of innovation practice at Stratalis Consulting and providing knowledge and ideas to various fields, George Hemingway has helped clients become future-focused and has enabled other organizations to grow. He attended Columbia for his MBA, is a speaker for the NASA Cross Industry Innovation Summit, and is part of the governing board at Chamber Orchestra of New York. George is on the advisory board for innovation and growth champion at the University of Toronto and is a member of the board of advisors at Moon Mark, where students design, build, land, and race vehicles on the Moon. Find out more about George’s experiences and learn what you can do to plan for the future.

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Our webinar interviews provide students with industry insight, plenty of opportunities, and life-changing advice and tips that will help them shape their very own future. Just come to one of our webinars to experience it for yourself!


Ever felt that you were lost in finding a path to your future? Well, worry no longer! Shape your Future aims to expose all students to different career choices, industry experts, and successful individuals. Hearing from companies' top leaders and the world's top young adults allows all students to get a better feel for their future and helps them find a path to their own success and dreams.


George Hemingway