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V2x - a roadmap for saving lives Innovation | Technology| Digital media

9th September 2020 16:00 hrs



From near-instantaneous traffic updates to alerts when another vehicle stops short or violates a red light, new and proliferating wireless sources of real-time information have begun to revolutionize the driving experience and represent the building blocks of a safer and better transportation environment. However, building vehicles that are best equipped to capitalize on the deployment of 5G and in-vehicle ethernet is a demanding proposition, requiring faster processors, expanded storage etc. At the same time, communicating with drivers demands a better understanding of their needs, clearer user interfaces and improvements in driver monitoring systems. The stakes could not be higher as getting this right is crucial to saving lives. This webinar will consider the core V2X technologies that are ushering in this new age of vehicle connectivity as well as the end-customer and user experience requirements that will ensure success.

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Mike Potts