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Vaultastic v4 released - revamped easier ux, 47% savings on storage, higher performance at scale Sales | Marketing | Advertising

6th August 2020 12:00 hrs



The re-engineered Vaultastic V4 platform delivers: - Increased savings up to 47% with storage de-duplication and compression - A jump in productivity by doubling the ediscovery/search performance - Easier access to the email archive with a simpler, sharper, intuitive UI - Easier billing and purchase with simplified consumption based plans. Join us in this webinar on Thursday, 6th August 2020, 12 noon as Aditi covers how Vaultastic can make data management easier for your organisation. Specifically she will cover 1. Key highlights of Vaultastic V4 2. Storage management approaches 3. Data migration from Vaultastic V3 - key points 4. Differences between Vaultastic V3 and Vaultastic V4. 5. Next steps, schedules, your role in the migration. 6. Q&A

Who should attend?

Educate the Mithi customers of this new release and what to expect in the upgrade Educate the non-vaultastic customers of the progress


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Aditi Malaviya