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Streamline training management with sumtotal training plans Services

5th August 2020 13:00 hrs



Learn how you can optimize #trainingplans in SumTotal #Learningmanagement to prepare your workforce for the next wave of development by joining our FREE webinar. The business transformations driven by the global health crisis have sped up the trend toward #learning in the flow of work. Training plans in SumTotal give you powerful tools to drive both skill training and personal and professional development. #Learningadministrators have flexible control over design, delivery, and tracking of training, and learners enjoy a more effective way to track their development. Training plans can be time-specific, and you can track them to review the overall training completions of specific audiences and individual learners. Date – 5th Aug | 1 PM | 30 Mins.

Who should attend?

Learn how you can optimize training plans in SumTotal learning management to track training and help learners to manage their development.


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Sasidhar K