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Developing efficient tprm processes to streamline onboarding, ongoing monitoring and managing risk Banking | Investments | Finance

27th August 2020 10:00 hrs



Your organization likely has some means for managing third-party risk, but you probably suspect that there remain untapped opportunities to incrementally improve your program. While there is no one right Third-Party Risk Management, there is a model right for you, and incorporating best practices into your processes can have an exponential effect on your results. Key Agenda topics to be addressed include: Exploring untapped opportunities to incrementally improve TPRM programs Developing a scoring system to calculate inherent risk and auto-scope due diligence Incorporating industry-standard questionnaires into assessment processes Improving vendor response rates and submission quality by reducing vendor fatigue Leveraging external content to assist in ongoing vendor monitoring

Who should attend?

Professionals wanting to learn how to streamline and improve their Third Party Risk Management (TPRM) processes.


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Ed Thomas, Senior Vice President of Marketing, ProcessUnity