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[free webinar] consult a doctor and psychologist for depression Health | Lifestyle | Fashion | Wellness

21st August 2020 14:00 hrs



Attend this webinar and be rewarded with a FREE consultation* by booking a treatment with us! Simply make an appointment via our Whatsapp concierge (+65 8444 9163), send us the proof of attendance email and quote "DXDWebinar" to get a free consultation*! *Only applicable for Aesthetic, Dermatology, Dentistry and Opthalmology consultations * Do note that all webinars are held on Zoom Access it here: Meeting ID: 927 1119 5857 Password: DP Do I have depression? Why do I feel sad all the time? We are all familiar with negative emotions. Depression, however, is something quite different. It’s estimated that over 300 million people suffer from depression (equivalent to 4.4% of the world’s population). The Singapore Mental Health Study (conducted in 2010), revealed that 5.8% of the adult population in Singapore suffered from Major Depressive Disorder at some point in their lives. Depression can be treated if you seek help early. If you are open to seek help and improve on your mental health, talk to a mental health professional today. Dr Thomas Lee and Ms Jeanie Chu from Resilienz Clinic will be here to answer your questions and clear your doubts in this webinar session!

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Thomas Kae Meng Lee

Jeanie Chu