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25th August 2020 16:00 hrs



This course is aimed at all teachers, All new teachers, LSAs/TAs who support online learning. Primary & Secondary. This course addresses the concerns which have arisen from teaching SEND students via online learning. The course is split into 5 modules. Each module addresses a particular area of concern. Two modules have a specific need focus: Module 1, supporting ASD, ADD & ADHD & Module 2, Supporting Dyslexia & Dyspraxia. Module 3 looks at supporting students generally who may have needed some additional support in the classroom, but who may not have had a formal assessment or diagnosis, or may be going through the ‘assessment of need’ process. Module 4 is specifically focused on how to address the needs of parents who have children with additional needs and provides real, time saving solutions for teachers to use in order to lessen parent stress and/or concerns. Module 5 looks at supporting teachers when addressing SEND needs of students in online learning. It provides practical options and resources for teachers to use when monitoring and recording inclusion in online learning.

Who should attend?

All teachers, All new teachers, LSAs/TAs who support online learning. Primary & Secondary


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Ms. Emma Paine - Learning Support Teacher/ Head of learning support.