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How to overcome challenges in life and thrive Health | Lifestyle | Fashion | Wellness

30th November -0001 00:00 hrs



Dealing with challenges? Challenges are great. Challenges make us grow and learn. Sometimes, however, life throws at us challenges that we seem not to be able to handle or overcome. It's just too hard, and we get stuck. It's easy to fall into despair or even to give up. In such state of mind, it's hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel. The truth is that we are totally capable of finding a solution to that situation. What we are missing is the right mind-set and strategies that would help us to resolve it. In This workshop you will learn: • How to stop being paralysed by your challenges • How to take action that will help you to break free • How to transform your limiting beliefs • How to be in control of your mind so it works with you and not against you • How to be more confident and positive when times get tough

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Debra Aldous