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Adopting cloud solutionsin public sectors : the dilemma of security, data sovereignty and scalability - edition 3 Innovation | Technology| Digital media

15th July 2020 14:00 hrs



In the shadow of the novel COVID-19 situation, public sector agencies are turning to the cloud more than ever, particularly as people increasingly need access to information and government services. With the broad impact of the pandemic, it is more important than ever to implement a secure remote working strategy that helps employees get work done from home while protecting the stakeholders’ sensitive data.

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At ISNR Abu Dhabi, we connect regional governments with international security solution providers to source the most innovative solutions, share best practices, and explore the latest trends in national and cybersecurity.


Hadi Hosn Chief Executive Officer at Axon Technologies

Andrew Schumer Security Systems Consultant at Montdor ME & A Senior Advisor for Dubai Electronic Security Centre DESC