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Relit! 2020: bring. your. brave. Education | Career | Training

22nd August 2020 20:00 hrs



If you’re a teacher, an educator, or a leader of children, any age or stage, this day is for you. In our third annual RELIT! event, we dreamed about expanding it to even more educators—three cities were on the original docket and we were prepping to bring love, light, and reconnection across Canada. And then, the corona hit. Cancel with broken hearts? We said—NOT TODAY CORONA! We took a deep breath, dropped our shoulders, relaxed our asses and said, let's be brave and bring our love for teachers LIVE ONLINE! And what the heck, lets invite some of the best in the business to join us on the virtual stage.

Who should attend?

If you are in the business of educating other people’s children, then this day is for you. Teachers, EAs, child care providers, librarians, support staff, bus drivers, custodians, parent council members, parents, non-parents. Any of you and all of you.


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Dr. Jody Carrington