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Your microbiota and you: exploring the host–microbiome relationship in health and disease Health | Lifestyle | Fashion | Wellness

1st July 2020 12:00 hrs



It is now widely accepted that the microbes that live in and on humans—our microbiome—are not just passive passengers but play an active role in our health and wellness. The presence, absence, or relative abundance of different microbe species has been linked to a broad array of ailments, including inflammatory bowel disease, cardiovascular disease, obesity, cancer, and possibly even neurodegenerative diseases. The gut microflora has been particularly well researched and there is strong evidence that dysbiosis—an imbalance in the abundance of the many intestinal bacterial species—can lead to serious health issues. This webinar will explore approaches to identifying causal roles for the microbiome in human health and disease, as well as investigating current technologies that can illuminate novel mechanisms of host–microbiome interaction. Additionally, we will learn about the use of immunoglobulin A (IgA) as a candidate drug for treating dysbiosis and thereby positively impacting human disease. During this webinar, the speakers will: Outline the pathways by which the gut microbiome can affect health and disease Discuss the latest technologies and techniques for unraveling the host–microbiome relationship Provide insight into the role of IgA in maintaining intestinal homeostasis and its potential as a therapeutic agent

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Ms. Reiko Shinkura, M.D., Ph.D. University of Tokyo Tokyo, Japan

Mr. Noah Palm, Ph.D. Yale School of Medicine New Haven, CT