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Effectively navigate conflict: become brilliant at dealing with difficult people Innovation | Technology| Digital media

8th July 2020 15:00 hrs



Have you been avoiding dealing with someone difficult? Edited Is your headspace taken up by endless strategising on what to try next? Do you want to be better equipped to handle anyone difficult, whilst developing your mental fitness? During the webinar, Chloe will show you the root cause of all relationship difficulty and conflicts. More importantly, she’ll take you through a practical tool (bring a pen and paper) to help you discover the root cause of one of your current relationship challenges. She’ll explain why all the strategies you’ve tried so far are not working, and where to focus your attention instead. This is a rare opportunity to experience first-hand Chloe’s unique approach to tacking conflict and relationship difficulty. As a leading expert on conflict and mental fitness, you’ll have access to her insight and practical tools on: • Understanding why nothing you’ve tried has worked • Stopping the downward spiral that occurs in your interactions with difficult people • Clearing away your misconceptions about yourself and others to aid your interactions. • Giving yourself more time to choose your response, rather than reacting in ways that undermine your efforts. • Where to focus your efforts so they make a tangible difference. AND explore how you can start tackling these issues systemically within your professional and family networks.

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Chloe O'Sullivan - Conflict and Mental Fitness Expert