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Investing basics Retail | Manufacturing |  Entrepreneurship | Startups

24th June 2020 14:00 hrs



Investing is a vital component of building your wealth. However, you might have heard a friend boast about how he “made 90% returns on the stock market” but lose it all overnight. There are many misconceptions surrounding investments; this seminar is here to demystify what investing is all about, including how you can be in the stock market and never “lose it all.” Investing Basics is part of our beginner series, and it takes you through the basics of investing. You will be introduced to the different asset classes and how you should go about creating and managing your portfolio. We will discuss the risk-return relationship and how different people will have different risk preferences. These risk preferences may change when your financial and personal situation changes as well as over the course of your life. The seminar will try and unpack some of the investing jargon for you to equip you with the tools you need to start investing responsibly.

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Wong Wai Ken, Country Manager of StashAway Malaysia