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Covid-19 and our children - the impact on those with a pid Health | Lifestyle | Fashion | Wellness

23rd July 2020 11:00 hrs



Dr Paul Gray from the Sydney Children's Hospital discusses the impact of COVID-19 on children living in families with immunodeficiency. About this Event IDFA partners with CIRCA to present the third (and last) in our series of webinars "Illuminating Immunology". Webinar 3 (of 3): COVID-19 and our Children - The impact on those with primary immunodeficiency. Speaker: Dr Paul Gray - Sydney Children's Hospital, Randwick Dr. Paul Gray is a pediatric immunologist and Joint head of Immunology and Infectious Diseases at Sydney Children's Hospital Randwick. His Ph.D. focusing on the diagnosis of genetic primary immunodeficiency, which continues to be the main focus of his research.

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Paul Gray