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What’s unique about nuclear asset management? Innovation | Technology| Digital media

23rd June 2020 11:00 hrs



Using an expert panel who have lived and breathed the management of assets in the nuclear industry and beyond we look to explore the tools, processes and hacks that support nuclear facilities. Using the regulatory backdrop of the ONR’s Technical Assessment Guide on Asset Management our panel will discuss key topics and how they are applied, and the supporting goal setting nature of the regulator. Some key elements of the guide that will be discussed include: AM1: Asset management should be applied proportionately to the lifecycle of all Identified Assets. – Fantastic…. But what does that mean in practice, and how does this relate to Risk management? AM4: Asset management planning should record all system, structures and components that deliver a safety, security or environmental function. – How is that balanced with performance systems? AM5: The asset management system should define the arrangements for managing Identified Assets through the facilities life-cycle. – Core to any asset management process but what are the unique challenges that the sector faces? AM8: The asset management system should monitor and record the performance of the Identified Assets and identify corrective actions as necessary. – Who needs to take account of these metrics, is it the board, the System Engineer, the Plant Manager, the operator? Why should they care about asset management KPI’s? AM10: The asset management system should identify the organisation resources required for maintaining Assets.

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Richard McMeekin Chief Engineer for Submarines Submarine Delivery Agency (SDA) within the Ministry of Defence (MOD)

Douglas Styles CEng MIMechE Nuclear Safety Inspector – Mechanical Engineering