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Online pie & ai: dubai- ai 4 medicine: from research to production Others

6th June 2020 13:00 hrs



His event's theme is AI 4 Medicine: from research to production. Speakers will give real samples and general advice about the challenges that the learners might face when they are going to build solutions based on AI to the medical markets, and how to face these challenges. AGENDA: *subject to change Introduction and welcoming the participants. Welcome video by Andrew Ng Speech by Ronak Dangi - COVID AI X-Ray detector by GoldenBird, challenges and structure. 15 minutes discussion about the speech. Speech By Jan Jites:AI & smartphone apps usage to monitor health 15 Minutes discussion. Speech about AI academic research and its evaluation methods. 15 Minutes Discussion.

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Pie & AI is a series of meetups that bring together the global AI community. Events typically include conversations with leaders in the world, thought-provoking discussions, networking opportunities with your fellow learners, hands-on project practice, and pies (or other desserts you prefer.)


Ronak Dangi

Ghaith Sankari