About us

Gulf Business Management Consultancy works with brands to reach out to customers via offline platforms (brand activations, events and exhibitions), head office in UAE (Dubai). Our founders are in the field of marketing for over 20 years. Over the years they have witnessed the start, growth and exponential buzz of digital communication and marketing.

Creating an advertisement and making it reach to 10,000 viewers or reaching out with your products and services in a live webinar to 500 high potential users. The space exists for both. Today there are many platforms helping you to reach “High volume viewership” but not many that make you meet targeted high potential users.

With the shift in industry dynamics and a need of new space to reach out to your target group webinars today become a perfect fit. "Less is more" – but that doesn't hold true for webinars. Defying all the latest communication trends towards everything being shorter and quicker, the average viewing time for webinars is increasing year on year, and currently stands at an average of 56 minutes. The webinar market is showing strong annual growth too. There are several reasons for this, not least that webinars are very effective. They also generate significant cost savings. Plus webinars are personal, live and interactive.

How to find the right webinar, how do I get to know when, where, who is having the webinar of my interests.

These were some of the questions which lead to the rise of webinarupdate.com, a platform that will allow the hosts and the audience to meet at one place. With features allowing the host to promote the webinar and audience to search across the category of their choice.